Psyched…under an Aquarian Moon

Street Art in Pano Paphos

Street Art in Pano Paphos

I am awfully glad the moon has moved into Aquarius…I mean, really: this simple elemental shift has been like a millstone lifted. What a whopping time it has been. The lovely Venus Jupiter conjunction has happened in my 10th house of career/reputation/public square. This means that for weeks, the spotlight has been growing exponentially on me, my ‘public square’ has expanded and filled with positive, fruitful and impressive interactions and one would think that would be great. And it was for a while. But then, as soon as I became conscious of it, it wasn’t…! I feel like I am in the middle of a physics experiment that I still grapple to comprehend: the viewer of a phenomenon alters the phenomenon.

This is strange behaviour for a 10th house Leo but I have always been like this. When I think too many people have started to look at me, notice me, rather than or more than my ‘message’, I’m gone. Is this self-sabotage or necessary protection (or variously, one or the other) and a dozen more neural wirings as well? When I am in the blinding thick of it, I don’t care. I quit Society and focus on work and sanctuary. This makes sense for a Cancerian MC but still, a Leo that quits…is an underdeveloped Leo.

For the last couple of years I have been studying the asteroid archetypes, sometimes intensely but mostly as an aid in coaching and reading. After all, a lot happens when you get intense and then you have to just allow for the internal processing, yes?

first days above ground for a pink grapefruit tree

first days above ground for a pink grapefruit tree

I was introduced again to Psyche this morning (astronomical number 16) via an article I came upon – that I wasn’t looking for at a great place to learn about the asteroids – while surfing opinions on the current (mostly negative) energies. And this time, I was ‘hearing’. I cast my wheel to include Psyche and guess what? Venus has just passed over my natal placement and Jupiter is now right on top of it, expanding its importance, driving home the necessity for some serious attention: I can’t keep doing this – or at least, I can’t keep mindlessly doing this.

I will be thinking and meditating along the lines that I have to work with. And these lines are available to every unique one of us. What does it mean to have a natal placement of Psyche in Leo in the 10th? And transiting Psyche is currently in Taurus just shy of the 25th degree. That puts it exactly on the cusp of my 8th house. If you are a student of astrology, I bet your mind is just bursting with potential descriptors! And, of course, there are other important angles to further flesh it out. Believe it or not, I am super psyched about what I will learn. 😉

And writing about this, I am struck by the thought that I am putting my Psyche in the spotlight…whoa! But it serves my message, you see. I think with all the Pluto/Mars tug of war going on in the Real/Physical World, the Aquarian moon gives me an indifference that is delicious. All of Us is so much more important than Me and if I have inspired you to check in on your Psyche – in this era of Great Rebuildings and as the Sun crosses the House of the Psychic, then mission accomplished on multiple frequencies. Work smart, not hard.

The Micro/Macro Stand-Off

So, the moon in Aquarius gives us SpaceTime perspective and if you can feel this, you can visualise your Self distancing from Chaos. You can make real in your mind’s eye the panorama of this scene or sets of scenes on the stage of your life, rather than focus on the moment a power-sapping remark or action was made.

we hand-fed this youngster, fallen from the nest, until he was ready to set off on his own.

we hand-fed this youngster, fallen from the nest, until he was ready to set off on his own.

If you have felt at the mercy of happenings in the Capricorn area of your wheel, the Aquarian Moon will aid your Sun/Mars Intimate Circle themes by offering the reminder that it takes two to tango and you can go solo for a while or only dance with the ones you can relate to. And not just for your sake, perhaps, but also for theirs. There are auto-cyclic patterns that run through these scenes but we can’t see them up close.

You are more than this moment in time – and if you have been The Jerk, then know this is true for you as well. You are a sum greater because of your fractured parts; you are grace unfolding when you remember what is real in SpaceTime. A new moon in Cancer approaches…

–  weaver

start learning about your innate Psyche placement:

If you enjoy noting macro examples of the current energies, check out Greece (Mars/Sun) vs. the Euro Bank (Pluto). Seek alternate sources of news for a better overall understanding. Do you predict a ‘no’ or a ‘yes’ vote? Does it matter?

Other Macro archetypes rising: Women/Female Influence. The letter of the law vs. the spirit of the law.

8 thoughts on “Psyched…under an Aquarian Moon

  1. Love this Weaver:

    “You are more than this moment in time – and if you have been The Jerk, then know this is true for you as well. You are a sum greater because of your fractured parts; you are grace unfolding when you remember what is real in SpaceTime.”


  2. i was back at LUA astrology today for another read and thought this paragraph might be good for thought to readers here: ‘Psyche shows us where we must bring ourselves together – uniting our own anima and animus. The house and sign of our own natal Psyche shows where we might be seen for something we are not, where we might try to live up to someone else’s expectations, where we may be too concerned with how we look to others and where we are given trial after trial in order to recognise our own beauty for what it is.’
    (link in post)

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