A Here & Now Overview


Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.*

Starting with the bigger picture and working down to the selfie…

Pluto and Neptune – outer archetypes that are in retrograde. Their agenda is ultimately about macro phenomenon. Human beings learn to adjust to the themes of outer archetypes in groups that are parts of a whole while individuals learn to apply the streamlined interpretations in their microcosm. A growing number of individuals applying the basic themes will eventually ‘turn the ship’.

As an example: the world banking structure hasn’t appeared to have weakened enough to make integral changes since the economic recessions (to its shame) but we, as individuals, have certainly had to take our budget situation more seriously. You now have more respect for the value of money and security and you probably value the non-material more than you used to.
The Point: What you think, feel and DO matters even if you think it couldn’t possibly.

The retrograde indicates the focus belongs inward. This is a time for continued evaluation, tweaks and finer tuning, ruthless removal of trash and rubble – but with a generous helping of self acceptance and appreciation of the distance covered, the stance or place gained.

It’s all relative. You might feel as though you’ve only come a few pitiful inches but do not underestimate what it has cost you and give props. So many mind connections that have needed unwiring, rewiring – probably several times over so far – and that’s just what your conscious mind knows about. Think about this: the really important evolutions you’ve been making may be in an area of life that seems to have no connection at all to the area where you’ve been putting in maximum conscious effort. Yet. These are the mysteries of life. One day it will click. Affirm and celebrate yourself from time to time. Uranus, the only forward moving outer archetype, channels the message, ‘I am my future-best Now Self.’

The Bridge

Saturn and Jupiter – the translators and mediators between the outer archetypes and our personal markers. Jupiter (your personal joy guide) is in a fixed-ego sign: ‘I create for my passion/obsession’. Saturn (your personal instructor in the School of Life) is retrograde in another fixed-ego sector of life that is about our ties to another/our strategically oriented emotion-based network. Both are at the tail end of these signs and thus are not encouraging a frenetic, mad pace in your outer existence; this is not the time for brand new, this is the time for assessing and perfecting what you’ve got so far. Is what I am doing healthy? Relationship cracks: just superficial or time to invest more trust? How do I define ‘Joy’ today?

Yea, sure…

All well and good, we say BUT, me, my feet are on fire! I’ve got to move. You snooze, you lose.

Some kind of vice has loosened its grip and we feel a bit compelled to strike out on the next leg of the journey – quick! before we lose the momentum. That’s coming from Mars conjunct the Sun and now we are talking a personal energy (the lower octave of Pluto). Mars conjunct the Sun is your ego/mind/personality/projection/desire on steroids. Handle with extreme care. Keep in mind that Pluto is retrograde in the area of life that has to do with sound structure. Knowing this is the key to channeling your personal energy wisely. If you are still building on sand or you did a slipshod job of building, you will have to use your Mars for mixing concrete and reinforcing beams. You can daydream about later stages (absolutely!) but work in the Now. Remember that you work for your future-best Now Self.

And in context of all that…Happy New Moon!

On June 16th, in Gemini at 25′. Also a part of the scene: that Mars/Sun conjunction and the ruler of the New Moon, Mercury, freshly direct at 5′ in its home turf. Wow! Put your Mars to work for your conscious mind – check it’s perimeters and boundaries again. Work smart, not hard. Network. Remember not to stretch yourself too thin; focus on a maximum of two goals at a time. Leave useless baggage and free up your hands…you will need them. 🙂

*- quote attributed to Victor Franko by neuroscientist and mindfulness practitioner,  Dr. Goldstein, at Wisdom Labs. To aid you in better recognizing that space, watch how simple it is.

Yes, this overview can also zoom in with amazing clarity! Order your very own Here & Now: elemental.living@yahoo.com

– weaver

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