Scene X, Take 2

We are all living with some pretty intense energy this week. Below are two possible scenarios.

Keep in mind: 1. energy is neutral until you direct it; check your motivations. 2. if you have no personal wheel markers within range, you may see this around you but not experience it first-hand; you can learn a lot from this!  3. energy unfolds: if you are newer to conscious co-creative living, your path will need time to de-clutter from the baggage you have accumulated (translation: aim high but don’t expect the effects of your past actions/words to just evaporate; consistent trustworthiness takes time to build).

Scenario A:

You’ve got a plan, you’re on a mission, you’ve probably been thinking about this for a while. But this plan involves other people or resources and herein lies the potential glitch in the works. Its becoming clear that you may not be on the same page as the other/s; the ‘stuff’ you thought you had to work with simply isn’t all there. There’s an undertow dragging on the flow of movement and in some cases, there is an outright mudslide blocking your road. You may feel that you can see how your plan has become stuck but there is more going on than meets the eye. That ‘more going on’ has its source in a sector of your life that has always shown itself to be vague, elusive, lacking concrete characteristics. Your first thoughts are probably to keep ploughing on, maybe even scream and yell. What might be a wiser, long-range plan of action?

Scenario B:

You’ve got a plan, you’re on a mission, you’ve probably been thinking about this for a while. You’ve been trying to use your abilities and resources to build bridges and network through service, compromise and teamwork and now your moment to shine appears to be near. You are aware that others, just like you, have needs and concerns that fluctuate and you are prepared to accommodate this. You realise the difference between ‘no’ and ‘not now’ and understand that time/space is on your side. It’s fairly easy for you to think through possible variations of plan execution that in no way hinder your core concept/purpose. Come what may, you are as ready as one can be.


This pings my wheel, specifically my moon (emotional center) and venus (relational values). How are you experiencing this?

– weaver.


stillness[1]  creative commons



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