Paphos Street Art

Paphos is a contender city for ‘European Culture Capital 2017’. There are so many people volunteering time and energy doing what they can to make this place as culturally amazing as possible (yes, you should come holiday here!). One recent addition is right up my alley: street artists have covered the walls around a small municipal car park in the old town. As soon as I heard, off I went down the mountain to have a inspired viewing and I wasn’t disappointed. The images, works by a half dozen or so artists, were intriguing, original and potent. Encore!























5 thoughts on “Paphos Street Art

  1. Hi there, I’m visiting Paphos next week and a big fan of street art. These look great! Whereabouts are they? Keen to take some snaps when there if I can find them 😊

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    • hi, sam and welcome to paphos 🙂 almost all of the street art is in the town center – pano paphos. there is much road works at the moment around these areas but do not let that put you off. they consistently maintain pedestrian walkways and walk-throughs so that you can still access any location.

      there is also some art in kato paphos along the pedestrian walk from starbucks to agios antonios street.

      if you can give me enough notice on your dates and times, i will try to meet you and show you around.
      enjoy and thanks for visiting this site!


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