Uranus in Aries: The Good Guys, too

One evening while channel flipping, I caught a CNN Ones to Watch segment on graffiti artists. I am drawn to graffiti; it is one of the most real form of (exhibition) art that I am aware of. It never fails to speak volumes to me. Graffiti artists are among the colorful vanguard of Uranus in Aries and many of them are channeling pure positive soul food for the masses in their cosmos. This is true celebrity.

In Portugal, VHILS literally blows up walls to create his works of art upon them, from time to time. If that’s not a counter intuitive approach, I don’t know what is. About VHILS, street artist Shepard Fairey says, “Of course relief sculpture, or things like blowing away the side of the rock to create Mount Rushmore these have been done before, but never in the middle of the night without permission.” 

Shamsia Hassani is Afghanistan’s first female street artist and first 3D street artist. She was chosen to be one of Global Thinkers/Foreign Policy’s 100 for 2014. Her life has been full of heart-pounding, fearful moments as consequence for revolutionary behavior in the established hierarchy. ‘Because some of them do not like art, and some of them thinking it is not a good job for a woman, and some of them think it is something that is not allowed in Islam, they are trying to stop me,” she says.

Chicago-native Jordan Nickel, known as Pose, says, “I just set constant challenges every time I set out to do something, either bigger, better, different — uncomfortable territories — because I feel like pushing myself.” I like that he doesn’t just automatically think in terms of ‘bigger’; sometimes ‘different’ is exactly the ‘push’-direction that ultimately brings satisfaction. And the end result has an impact he can’t possibly know. Ripples of energized intent effecting others beyond the creative moment in Time, just as is the case in our own lives when we consciously step out of perceived stasis and grow.

For all three of these artists, it’s not about approval and their action bears fruit that edifies many.

 I also think it’s important to note that mainstream media can still expose the individual to a lot of goodies in their non-headline news segments. Many of us now get our news from diverse online sources that, to some degree, inform and supplement our understanding of current affairs. I think this forces corporate media to accept that providing the beast a diet of nothing but atrocity makes for a savage beast. Music and other art forms, however, ‘hath powers’ and you want to keep your audience soothed in positive ways. There are still a lot of individuals who, for reasons such as geographic location, psychological mindset or finances, are not exposed to any other source of information than their local TV and radio stations. And I mean a lot in the developed world. So if they are channel flipping, thank goodness they might still hit an uplifting Uranus in Aries program.

Check out the statement prefacing the Global Thinkers 2014 list that includes Hassani:

‘When its history is written, 2014 will be remembered as a year when remarkable individuals smashed the world as we know it—for better and for worse. While some left horrific wreckage in their wake, others showed that a better future demands tearing down foundations and building something entirely new. Disruption, clearly, is not always a bad thing.’

This is a textbook definition of the Uranus/Pluto square. It also defined Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Capricorn on a stage set by Saturn in Scorpio, amongst others this past year.  In 2015, as you become more aware of the archetypes at work around you, you will come to see examples of them, suddenly obvious, occasionally jaw dropping, in words and imagery. This post is about ones I’ve seen that encourage me and so I share it. Keep your eyes and ears open, too, because this awareness can help you gauge and assess your own use of universal currents.  Let’s Co-Create!   HP5823[1]     – weaver More info/contact: elemental.living@yahoo.com   Share your thoughts and/or examples you have noticed…

update per comment below: here’s another great example! 🙂 ‘A maker, a creator, a DIY-type of person. People interested in self-sufficiency, regenerative development, as well as survivalists. A person who does it because it’s possible. Our goal is to bring the barriers way down to do this.’

6 thoughts on “Uranus in Aries: The Good Guys, too

  1. just found another one 🙂 see link at end of post above. ‘…Marcin Jakubowski introduced the Global Village Construction Set, open-source blueprints…Machines that are ready for viral replication are the brick press, the hydraulic power unit and the soil pulverizer…We’ve built a number of other prototypes — like the CNC torch table, a backhoe, an ironworker machine for cutting slabs of steel, a circuit mill and a trencher. We have an early prototype of a microcar and a 3D printer.
    this again, is a Uranus in Aries signature: empowering the individual on a mass level to pursue independence, from the basics to advanced technology.


  2. This growing spirit is why I am writing this article as to me, it shows us the evidence of Uranus (ruler of technology and concern for humanity) in the sign of Aries (the entrepreneurial spirit). I also want to add that this radical movement must have its own ‘shadow’ side and this covers a wide area. It means people will have to be educated or be threatened to be left behind even more than before. We have to become ever more concerned with how people are being affected by this sudden growth in technology. Every new tool mankind has developed comes with its problems and this is no different. Astrologically, the sign opposing Aries is Libra, which is concerned with our relationship with others, how what we do affects them and how much can be gained when we collaborate with partners.
    this quote is part of a good food-for-thought article:


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