What Would A Jupiter Archetype Do?

I opened a webpage this morning and couldnt help but wryly smile and nod at a quote from John Brockman in Der Spiegel:

“We are at the beginning of a revolution. And what we hear from the mainstream is: “Please make it go away.”

Yes. That’s how I am feeling today. Now, to be fair, the first part of that quote is, “The great questions of the world concern scientific news,” and he would probably be annoyed at being referenced in a blog that discusses astrology and other immeasurable pursuits in science-arts. That’s ok; it’s still a nice springboard. From my perspective, the great questions of the world concern not only science but also ethics, philosophy, religion and economics and they are all in the cauldron on the hearth fire of the macro cosmos, a great simmering mess mix, and the steam settling on the micro level often leaves one with no appetite whatsoever. Aren’t we due for a pit stop?

You know, there is the image people have of you and then there is the actual ‘you’. The image that I (and probably you) project is a mostly unconscious veneer of positive, approachable personableness. And I consider this projection to be valid: it is your character, your personality, finding its way through your journey’s experiential history book out into the world of the material System wherein we are conditioned from birth to ‘play well with others’ and master an understanding of our place in the hierarchy. People think I am great. 🙂 They don’t imagine that I have any problems, or at least not any big ones. I seem to have my stuff together. I love this. In so many of my interactions, its crucial that others perceive me as fully present and attentive to their situation exclusively. Its my job and I take it seriously. 99% of the time, I love my job.


But I think it may also be part of my job to remind others that this veneer is not a true representation of my reality all the time. Yes, I do know what is going on, for the most part. Yes, I can see the flow of energies and yes, I do generally live in the stream. But guess what…sometimes the stream changes tempo without warning even for people that have a good map – otherwise lessons and gifts wouldn’t sink in so well, you know? There is no crystal ball. There is, however, break time!

A Good Laugh at ‘Perfection’

A few days ago, I was giving a Here and Now reading to two women who have been friends for a long time; they wanted to be present for the other’s reading, too. We sat together at the dining room table. (I should also relay that both in this island’s culture and in my personality, the idea of a strict 30 minute or hour reading is just not going to happen. It takes as long as it takes, to a great degree, for several reasons, not the least of which is that English is not the mother tongue of most of the people here. And you know how one answer can open up ten more questions..!) Long story short, in this relaxed setting one of them said, well, I would like to know what you would do if you were me – then they both started laughing – as she continued that I, of course, wouldn’t have any problems to deal with. Then it was my turn to laugh. I said that I certainly had my issues to deal with. I pointed out that a common recurring theme for her was kind of similar to one of mine. I explained a little bit about the way I was working on it and then showed her the tailor-made method that her wheel was offering. There was an ah-ha moment and the two women beamed at each other. For a moment, they just stared and nodded at one another, clearly thinking about details that hadn’t been shared with me. A plan was forming. I smiled and moved the reading on. But the look on their faces when they realised – on a conscious level – that my life wasn’t ‘perfect’ either stayed with me. Now, we are consciously all in this experience together and it brings mutual appreciation and respect.

It happens all the time to me; maybe it happens to you, too: an incidental proof that My Life and what I project are by no means consistently one and the same. Overall, I think its a good thing for us to be able to compartmentalise appropriately. Can you imagine the alternative? Initially, my ego was quite chuffed that these women had me on a kind of ‘graceful survivalist’ pedestal. But to let them continue thinking that this was an accurate picture of me all the time would have been a sin – on all three of us.

Nobody’s life is perfect. Ah, before that spontaneous ‘duh’ comes to mind, think about the people you would categorise as having a perfect life…oodles of money, a great faith, star status, perhaps a natural skill or gift…And think about why that is. It is very

Credit: Riaann Badenhorst

Credit: Riaann Badenhorst

important that each of us has a person or persons that we admire and aspire to be like. Its a fundamental universal application of archetype hierarchy. As DVF likes to say, ‘The success of every woman is the inspiration for another’. Just remember that it’s all relative, its all a matter of perspective, and fairly often, its a matter of the artful use of smoke and mirrors. For the ones that give you a positive influence, remember them in your thoughts and/or prayers. Me, I am lighting a candle for each of my role models today and wishing them strength and peace. I am also going to light a candle for myself, come to think of it.

Now here’s the thought I want to leave with you: more than likely, YOU are that positive influence in someone’s life. Remember that to maintain your shine, you must take an occasional time-out to pamper the Real Whole You, imperfections and all. You can recharge/reflect/heal/edit – and thus avoid conking out while on stage.

And on to The Astrology…

There is so much Fire and Air! You should read this as Action, Advanced MentalExchanges and a desire for Fun & Games. We have the Sun, Venus and Mercury skipping through Sagitarreous – this is brilliant party energy no matter what dragons we haven’t figured out how to defeat as of yet. We have the slowly separating vibrations of the full moon in Gemini: a tidal wave of thoughts and ideas either coming at us for integration or that we are projecting. Now, Sagittarius energy is famous for hoof-in-mouth syndrome so try to think before you speak. In this festive environment, it might seem impossible to hurt another’s feelings but we have Chiron (representing a painful experience meant to make us wiser), just going direct, in Pisces and that means we are All vulnerable. The overriding message here, however, is NOT to let a painful incident stop us in our tracks. Make a note of it for your next pit stop, by all means, but keep moving and grooving. Yes, this also means fake it ’til you make it, if need be.

Keep expanding, experiencing, interacting and partying. These are heady days meant for higher networking; in a seeming paradox, it is the exchanges you have with others that will produce the fuel/the take-away message/the impetus that can be optimally channeled into defining, growing and maintaining your autonomy and self fulfillment.

For a more personal look, contact me on elemental.living@yahoo.com

 – weaver

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