Spacetime Travel

spacetime travel

So, I am recently back from a long holiday half way ’round the planet; I thought I would have posted sooner but jet lag and an ongoing cold, combined with the massive wind and dust storms we have been having here in the eastern med, have completely knocked me off my feet. I feel like a zombie and yesterday I actually had to visit the pharmacy for some help. Still, I do want to touch base with you. And share about a little exercise I have been engaged in over the last couple of months…

It happens all the time, we hear or read something – often within a personally unrelated context – and it sounds like a message specifically sent for our attention, for our benefit. We think, ‘Well, that’s something there for me to think on. I could apply this truth/idea/concept in my own daily life and see what happens.’ But the rest of life is going on and our minds can only absorb so much.

And then there are the ones that stick. There is no explaining why some stick and some don’t – at least not in a post like this – and it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that the message is now with you and working its way into your psyche, revealing its myriad facets and layers as and when it wills. It’s a process, a precious psychological journey with no arrival date. I’ve got two that simmer on my back burners all the time these days; one is about Projections, mine and yours, and one is about Space and Time as interchangeable entities. It’s the latter that I want to share about today.

It is now common practice in scientific circles to understand Space and Time as one and the same thing. Galactically speaking, its essential. But in our microcosmos, they must be the same thing, too. Of course, for the sake of being understood and to avoid strange looks, we should continue to use the two words in their generally applied meanings….but what if, on the inside, we replaced the word ‘time’ with the word ‘space’ during our ongoing Self dialogue?

‘I don’t have enough time to incorporate that task or pleasure into my schedule’ could become ‘I don’t have enough SPACE to incorporate…’ At first, I dont suppose you would have some mountain top experience and that’s ok. For me, its become a journey of fantasy. I think I have begun to think in 4D. Gradually, I am getting better at a bird’s-eye view of days, weeks and months in terms of SPACE and how I occupy it, how I use my space rather than how I spend my time. Gradually, what I like to call ‘dark matter’ gains a kind of texture that can be manipulated. There is my so-called schedule, itinerary, commitments, goals and then there is that 98% of dark matter all around them. I have access to it even if I dont yet know how to utilise it well. And that’s profound.

Now, I fully expect that there won’t be a lot of people nodding their heads about this. That’s ok. 🙂 I just wanted to put it out there. If its meant to stick, it will.

The Building Blocks of a Well-Lived Life
Next up is another guest post! This time we interview an ever-evolving architect that is committed to building human habitations that work in synchronicity with the ultimate design master, Nature.

2 thoughts on “Spacetime Travel

  1. Welcome home! And yes, I did nod my head in agreement as I have long ago learned to merge with the time/space matrix. Looking forward to catching up next week … hope you will feel up to it! Maria.


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