Good We-ness, 101

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Good We-ness, 101

Pluto is about power of Self in relation to We. When ‘We’ is good, its really really good. In fact, its addictive. Getting and maintaining more and more of it for the body and mind of Self is an innate drive in every one of us.

This archetype covers the ongoing vitality of the physical body’s systems working together below the surface and naturally evolves to emphasize and focus on those systems that compel us to seek We-ness. In We-ness, Self shares the joy of possession in utmost intimacy and the needs-must practicality to keep the experience SECURE. Yes, I am talking about Sex – but not exclusively. This energy chemistry is seeded in the mind and thus is also what very best friends and solid business partners share, too.  Its that special bond in it’s purer forms. If you’ve ever experienced it even once in any of its manifestations, you know it instinctively compels protection.

Perception and Projection

Mentally, Pluto represents the most volatile energy we can channel. It covers perception and projection of who knows what about whom; it covers secrets, gathering them up and keeping some very safe while releasing others for maximum effect. It is the most vulnerable identity intrinsically linked to ‘I am’. And that can make addiction dangerous. Are you possessed or are you the possessor? In We-ness, do you feel powerful or powerless? Fixated Desire is the driver; maintaining the wealth is the slippery goal.

The goal is slippery because the gob smacker for many in the 21st century is this: while we are all familiar with the plutocrats that run the world and their luscious lifestyles, that’s not the best metaphor of Pluto energy at all. I think that somewhere along the line (probably a few minutes after the dawn of time) unhealthy ego warped the point of it all by establishing a false relationship structure.* Power of Self became power for Self. Experientially, ‘We’ became so much of a gamble that ‘Me’ often thought, Get it while the getting’s good and then get out clean and free. And maybe for some, it was as simple as, Let me just get what I can because I feel so needy. The structures of ‘We’ grew to encompass a myriad of roles played for these purposes.

Reality Check

Highest on the Pluto spectrum is the divine perception and projection that control beyond Self is a temporary illusion – in fact, control is a ridiculous ‘thing’ to chase.  Genuine power and wealth comes with recognizing the obviousness of Oneness – just ask fellow Time-tracker, Neptune.

I know well how crazy that sounds. After all, I am not riding around in a limo and meeting with the elite for after-dinner drinks so what do I know? And just as I am about to say, ‘Yes, but think about how many millionaires jumped out of office windows in 2008’, you could counter with, ‘How about all the little people living homeless now, too.’  You would be so right. Truly, this is a tragedy that brings us back to the current unfairness of Oneness. And why every night the news brings you the latest on global protests as more and more individuals band together in their fixated desire to be rid of perverted plutonian control.

We are in the midst of a slow-motion collapse, no matter what the stock markets attempt to reflect. Some bigwigs are reassembling, its true. But they are on such shaky ground and they know it because you can’t control what you cant visualize and its awfully hard to visualize the post modern marketplace. (and I think that’s why a whole lot of micros, i.e. individuals/small groups, working towards similar universal goals, can actually contribute to the formation of a better macro vision…)

Take heart: every single metaphor and symbol for Pluto energy includes rebirth – a much better rebirth. So, please don’t read ‘collapse’ and think that’s the end of the story. It is most definitely not. You simply cant build fresh ’til the useless is ploughed away.


As Above, So Below

Many energy workers agree that the universal message is to reconsider how we define power and wealth via established exchange structures. These definitions need examination. Exchange structures need retooling. Most of us have no control over the macro environment we live within – and this is certainly a macro issue.

But we can always take the macro-lesson and apply it in our own sphere of influence. Here and now, our wisest recourse is to align our personal power to the sacred. In the absence of a good ‘We-ness’, consider: What can I do, via my mind and body, to make my immediate environment as useful and secure as it can be? If I need to be able to trust others, I have to be trustworthy. Am I? And am I making it clear that I am?

The power part of the equation is in the dispensation of trust. You will get better and wiser with practice. If extending trust isn’t working with this person/group of people, try another – don’t give up on the concept itself. Seek balanced alliances. Don’t one-up somebody just because you can.

What is under your control today, as an individual and in your various relationships? I mean, really. Put your power there for maximum benefit to your wealth-being and magical We-ness.

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*In the Grand Timepiece, Pluto is the ruler of the spectrum of Scorpio and is currently transiting the spectrum of Capricorn, representing heirarchy structure within groups, particularly business and familial units. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn and known archetypally as the taskmaster and teacher, is currently transiting Scorpio. It follows that we can learn more quickly to adapt to the machinations of Pluto in Capricorn by taking some instruction from Saturn in Scorpio.


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