August Dream-Works

Summer time (Algarve)

Photo credit: Tiago J. G. Fernandes

When temps range between 40 and 50 degrees every day for weeks, the mind and body tend to shut down. Certainly, that’s what mine is doing – and I am a lover of heat and light so when I start to puddle, its meaningful.

I had a feeling back in early springtime that through June, July and August, I would be more in demand. Intuitively, I felt the need to pull back from anything not important and timely so that I could respond with my best to energy navigation assistance. By mid July, it was clear that either I wasn’t streamlining enough or I had missed some important cue along the way.

Saint Spyridon church (Corfu)

Photo credit: Filip Knežić

Now its mid August and, hindsight being what it is, I can say that it was the cue that I had missed. Note: remember to periodically seek a qualified reader‘s take on your wheel. You cannot see your own wheel like you see another’s.

The realization didn’t come like a lightning bolt but rather, as is often the case with me, by a series of one-liners. They floated across my hazed out mind and began to weave in and out of the recesses. And these expanded into a theme and the theme is helping me a lot in grasping perspective on my own journey and the journey of those I work with. It went something like this: if the 24 hours in the day are not enough for everything you think you need to pack in there, why is that? The sun travels through the archetypes of Cancer and Leo every single year. This is not new; these energies are quite familiar in and of themselves. So how is the application of these energies different this year?

This lead to: how has your life changed, shifted, moved since, say May/June of 2009 or 2011. Where were you and what were you doing with your time, exactly, in these seasons in those years? Can you even easily recall? I had to really think about it, myself.

It is stunning to consider the number of changes and shifts and MOVES that have occurred in the lives of my (predominately cardinal) family members and in my own. And that should signal me to come full circle back to the major theme/s in Time. We are just about exactly at the half way point of the Pluto/Uranus square and we have had Saturn plowing forwards and backwards through the arguably deepest channel in the wheel.

Walking the Labyrinth

Walking the Labyrinth (Photo credit: holisticgeek)

Of course, we have been talking a lot about family dynamics, the meaning of partnership – business or pleasure, community issues and how to best shine at work,  home and socially without being a jerk. We’ve sought to juice up our love life one way or another. We’ve taken some risks with how we work and how we earn money and other currency. We look at the transits and aim to align our uniqueness to the Flow. And while the very best insights come from zeroing in and really meditating on a single ‘life department’ or two, from time to time we must also zoom back out and see the whole picture.

This is one of those times so let’s take it. Let’s take stock of where we have come from, how far we have come, where we don’t seem to have budged at all and what the expected outcome from any of these scenarios is likely to be. Because we are smack in the middle of a process and it’s not one of the ones you can opt out of.

Every one I speak with can agree with this but some of them still don’t feel they know how to proceed. Guess what that means…it means they are simply at a point in the process-journey where it is more important for them as individuals to focus on self-specifics rather than grand plan. Because it is a fact that every body feels exactly as they do at certain points in time; no alarm bells should be going off. You can best occupy your waiting time by caring for your Self. If you don’t see an action to take, then take no action…

IF you continue to maintain a state of mind that says, ‘I want My journey, My experience so lets go, X (God, Universe, Self, whatever works for you). Introduce the (thought, idea, person, experience) that takes me to the next step, micro or macro in size; lets just keep this journey moving along.’

And IF you continue to remember that these steps are truly happening whether you are conscious of them or not, that helps a lot. Cast your mind back…2008, 2009, this time last summer. How about that? Can you see movement now?


Some goodies I have been pondering over the past month:

An intriguing springboard for a broader understanding. The belief-system equivalent of Darwin’s species tree: The descent of religions

from Evan Osnos: The complexities of individual lives blunt the impulse to impose a neat logic on them, and nobody who stays here for some time remains certain about too much for too long. To impose order on the changes, we seek refuge, of a kind, in statistics.

Love this from Julie D.: When people have less, they give less. But it’s important to continue to exchange energy (Scorpio) and support (Saturn) the people and things in your life that sustain you…We’re going to get through this time. To limit your losses, you’ve got to keep the lines open, even if the energy that flows through them is reduced.     (and I would add that we should look for energy to be flowing in currencies other than money.)

And this from elsa on Saturn work.

– Stay cool –

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