Before We Were ‘Us’, We Were ‘Them’

US Constitution

US Constitution (Photo credit: kjd)

Finally. I have been waiting so many years to hear someone in U.S. authority say exactly that. I have always been baffled by any American mentality that didn’t take this FACT into consideration. It is the entire story, from inception. Thank you, President Obama.

Yes, there has to be a limit on how many the nation can ‘hold’ at any given time; we can understand that. And sure, there have to be entrance criteria to some degree.

And in your microcosm, think about how you are applying the ‘us’ and ‘them’ polarity…

 ‘I have the right to education, I have the right to play, I have the right to talk.’

Imagine if you felt the need to state that. Imagine living in a place where you could not state that. I am making this somewhat hopeful point on the assumption that 99.9% of readers here don’t have this worry…Malawa has been a welcome icon for equalty everywhere.

Jupiter rx in Gemini has been brain overload in so many ways, but it sure has delivered some wonderful thoughts, progressions and pronouncements. Today it begins its forward motion again and will continue to mentally wow us until the end of June.

I am currently working on a bi-weekly basis with 3 clients that have come to appreciate the rx period – it felt quite frustrating at first. But then, over time (as it should), we can get comfortable with the navel gazing and it can seem possible to stay in that place forever, new or clearer perspectives coming in day after day. Lots of ‘ah ha!’ moments. Now, however, will come the time to start implementing all the solid truths that have rooted and are expanding for them in their respective life sectors. The same goes for you, too. The key is to recognize that the individual sets the pace when there is conscious work being done. That’s what co-creating is all about. The energy comes from within, exactly when it should, because the stimulus is in synchronicity. The opportunity for application will appear like a massive banner on the journey’s road. So nice and well-deserved.

 Off the Grid

I am moving house! That’s the primary reason you haven’t seen me in your inbox or reader recently. Do I have to tell you how Exhausting it is? I am feeling shattered and sore but good. It’s going to be a long hard haul of a project but it is exactly where I am supposed to be now. And as I mentioned about co-creating above, I know I am ready.  Another few days and I will completely vacate my old home base and start pretty much camping rough. No matter how shiney my new kitchen sink is, it’s pretty useless ‘til it’s plumbed in. All in good time…

Please note that while I may not show up daily here, the homepage gives the basic energy overview and you can always check out my latest facebook postings. Please, please ‘like’ my page so I can start to get statistics (yes, I am shamelessly begging). I know sometimes I have ‘8 or 10 or 3 people talking about this’ but without 30 likes, I am left curious as to who and from where my visitors are. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Meanwhile, I want to recommend the following to you for your pleasure and edification:

For a really different approach to the structure of your brain, give this a whirl:

Maybe a lot of the neurons in our brains are not just capable but, if you like, motivated to be more adventurous, more exploratory or risky in the way they comport themselves, in the way they live their lives. They’re struggling amongst themselves with each other for influence, just for staying alive, and there’s competition going on between individual neurons. As soon as that happens, you have room for cooperation to create alliances, and I suspect that a more free-wheeling, anarchic organization is the secret of our greater capacities of creativity, imagination, thinking outside the box and all that…More by Daniel C. Dennet

And from one of my longtime fav astrologers, this is a brilliant and fresh overview of Aquarious energy. I really appreciated it.

Thoughts and questions welcome, of course…

Think outside the box... it's where the best i...

Think outside the box… it’s where the best ideas live. (Photo credit: ArtJonak)



4 thoughts on “Before We Were ‘Us’, We Were ‘Them’

    • hi, janice
      jupiter moving forward on the cusp on your 9th house is quite something. the energy of the expander is the natural ruler of this house, affecting your life in the following ways: higher learning, teachers and advisers, long distance travel, philosophies and belief systems.
      using these parametres, consider the element governing your personal 9th – air is all about the mind, information that you send and receive, and in this case your local environment, siblings and possibly the opportunity to make a choice – and the energy of any planets therein to consider how this will apply. also consider the energy in your 3rd, 6th and 12th houses to see how you might work to assist this positive current preparing to commence. your natal jupiter placement and your house of sag can also help you to suss upcoming opportunities to focus on.
      frankly speaking, this should be fairly clear to you, if not today then very soon!


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