Neptune Presenting ‘Direct’

Neptune, tobacco product art (1860-1870)

Experience teaches us and with this kind of energy, we don’t forget. In fact, we learn quickly which lever releases the prize when the bell rings…

Neptune goes direct today and some of us could be feeling this acutely. This archetype is the merger, the dissolver, the absorber, the sponge. It represents the entity-web of our ‘all oneness’ and that means for ‘the one’ that each of us uniquely is, the emotional sensation can be huge.

The facet of your Self presenting the Neptune ‘portal’ governs faith, hope, bliss and spans the spectrum, of course, to delusion, depression, hyper medication in pursuit of synthetic bliss. This is the ultimate Self-Soother energy: you can find yourself driven to get high on an Ideal or high on your favourite escape-mode. Your natal wheel sets the stage for how this neutral energy could be channeled towards the lower or higher end of reality-vibration.

It is my belief that what the generic worldview has determined as positive or negative manifestation of this energy isn’t one size fits all. Personally, if I feel inclined to slip off into self-medicating, I don’t beat myself up about it. I don’t see it as a bad thing but then, I have huge Type A tendencies and think of it as necessary and valuable balance time. (And I know my wheel and how to work it.) I also know others that seem to practically live in lalaland. Some individuals get their best insights and clarity of purpose in whatever that place is for them, so there can be no across-the-board judgement. To each, their own.

I am feeling the buildup of the forward-presenting energy deeply today and the effect is the so called ‘lower’ end: I want to dissolve into nothingness, to not be present and accounted for. I don’t want to summon faith or hope or any activity requiring effort on my part.  In these times, we tend to see this as a cop-out. I don’t. I don’t feel depressed; I feel indifferent. I don’t feel sad; I do feel disenchanted. I could say that my soul feels tired. Consequently, my brain and physical body are synching right in.

I think you recognise these emotions. You might not be feeling these effects particularly in these days, but you have been in a similar place. (Note: Many people are feeling less grounded as group intellect is whizzing ideas and thoughts in diverse directions without a solid course of action present. That’s Neptune lite as it feeds into the mix.) Either way, it seems an opportune moment to talk a little bit about Neptune energy, how it can work you and how you can learn to work it. You know, a bit of who’s driving whom…

Neptune is an archetype signifier of the door or crossroad by which the spirituality of our being flows and that’s a whopper of a statement. It’s what the Dalai Lama, Jesus and Mandela show us AND it is what the heroin addict, the suicidist and the residents at the funny farm show us. Four or five years ago, I watched a documentary about a multi-state pain-killer epidemic across the United States; the addiction was landing families living in cars and traveling many miles daily for the cheapest dealer. That’s a Neptune drive. That wondrous inspiration we get from hearing the story of Mulala Yousufzai, the Pakistani girl shot for insisting on her right to go to school: that’s Neptune, too. Are you getting the picture? This is BIG stuff. It can fire you up to wage war even when the odds of winning are nil. Or it can saturate your flaming wick. You can see how important it is to make sure that you are in the driver’s Seat – or at the very least, practice steering. You can see how it could play into the symbology we send and interpret from one another and most importantly, as we are a composite of our culture/tradition/era/social unit, from within to Self.

Depending on where your Neptune crossroad is, you can follow the map key- think of it as a metaphorical  GPS system – to the venues of your Self that are most dependably able to channel in higher mode. For each of us, this is unique though there are generational patterns, too, and you might find that you gravitate towards a social or business circle where you share similarities. 

It must be a conscious work Experience teaches us and with this kind of energy, we don’t forget. In fact, we learn pretty quickly which lever releases the prize when the bell rings. When it’s not a conscious work, we just push the immediate-gratification lever nonstop. But when we actively establish a co-creative stance in our life, we make an intellectual decision based on a faith, a belief that experience has (mostly consistently) shown us: IF I pursue this path, THEN I will arrive at that place. IF I plant and care for this tree, THEN I can expect that fruit.

And you can park the car/ignore the garden for a day or three sometimes. The sky is not going to fall.

I am chuckling a bit here as I want to write that, yet again, I probably shouldn’t be writing… I hope that in my current mood, I am being clear enough about what is, ironically, a purely mutable energy. You are welcome to request information about your Neptune. If you feel it drives you rather than the other way around, ask me about your map-key so you can check out different routes, better routes. Get a change of scenery. It might be just what the doctor ordered.

And I’ll check in when I am back on the ground…

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