This and That and More on Scorpio Energy


Yes, finally, I decided to sign up already. Family encouragement and curiosity had their moment (after years) on Wednesday and I signed this site up. How funny the timing: it seems that facebook is on the decline in usage. Oh dear but oh well. I have a habit of arriving late, if at all, to community trends. If you have any pointers for the page, let me know. If it’s not too late, I hope I connect with you and that you ‘like’ this site.

I have updated the example and offering section of ‘The Light, The Dark & the Line Between’ post. This time, music and a political chuckle are featured.

A poem for the times…

Humankind is being led along an evolving course,

through this migration of intelligences,

and though we seem to be sleeping,

there is an inner wakefulness

that directs the dream,

and that will eventually startle us back

to the truth of who we are.

From Essential Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks

Maze (미로)

photo credit: golbenge

More on Scorpio for Self- Analysis

Everyone’s wheel has the house of Scorpio, meaning that some segment of your being operates within the principles that govern this archetype energy.  It’s important to remember that archetype spectrums span from one extreme to the other; energy can be expressed by the individual or group as pro-active or re-active and Scorpio gives us a particularly vivid example of what this means.

As previously mentioned, this energy drives as deep as it must to get to the heart of a matter, regardless of personal comfort. This is a brilliant attribute in the subjects and matters naturally attributed to this entity: physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, researchers in all disciplines, investigators and detectives in all fields and stick-to-it-tiveness, dogged determination, tireless pursuit.

Thus, the flip side of the Truth Seeker is the Truth Shielder. The house of your Being ruled by Scorpio energy is naturally capable of both seeking the truth in others and effectively hiding your truths. In this area of your life, you will often fight to keep others OUT. A great macro example of this is evident in the world these days. Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, is currently transiting the house of Capricorn in the earth’s wheel. Capricorn holds

Tug of war.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

influence in, amongst other things, government and ruling structures and the top echelons of business hierarchy. There is a concerted effort going on in many nations, on the one hand to expose the corruption and on the other, to hide and protect the status quo. Pretty obvious, yea? That’s Pluto/Scorpio energy 101.

As the sun travels through this archetype’s domain (until Nov 22nd), there will be an intensity of pressure, a raising of the stakes for us. This brightest light of all will be shining on every situation/idea/belief that pertains to what you seek and what you hide. You can take advantage of this clarity to consciously ask yourself exactly what these are and if you are spending your energy wisely on this course. You can expect to get some answers. For some, this will be a time of digging in your metaphorical heels, pulling all the curtains and sliding all the door bolts. For others, this will be a time of seeking and finding. Which category are you in?

Some examples:

First house: who am I to the various people I know? What parts of me do I share with others and what parts do I withhold? WHY? Is there someone attempting to get closer to you? What is their motivation? How will you handle it?

6th house: does your body keep sending you signals that you ignore? If there is an ache or pain, it’s a message to take seriously. Or perhaps you will discover a new treatment strategy for an ailment. In terms of fulfilling daily obligations, are you serving as and where for optimum effect? For many, care and service will be rewarded with appreciation. Your efforts will be SEEN. Nice!

9th house: you may have begun to seriously investigate expanding your knowledge base or a long distance move. You will find dependable information is at hand. Perhaps your interest in matters of philosophy, spirituality, a specific religion is increasing. Go for it! Plumb the depths and see if it’s ‘right’ for you. Either way, you GROW. Those of you who have found this site and signed up for post notices are a solid Scorpio affirmation for the energy in my wheel. Thank you 🙂

Know what part of your Being runs on Scorpio principles? First clue: where is the intensity? If you need some help articulating your house meaning, let me know.

 Permission granted to share from the mail bag:*

‘…I would like to take you up on your offer for key words about my creativity…’  George, Inverness, Scotland

George is a 10th house Capricorn sun conjunct mercury, Gemini ascendant with Leo ruling his creativity.  Key words/phrases for him to think on are:

to provide, to protect, to lead/guide others via a system or structure easily well communicated with  natural confidence and ability. Taking the mental idea to the physical plane, dynamic and social public image, natural leader in relaying and demonstrating concepts, grounded and realistic approach to subjects, a serious minded star on the stage, a natural performer. Ideal scenario: work and play combined in one for sense of balanced life.

After a few email exchanges, I learned that George is currently a successful insurance agent and thinking about moving into the tourism industry for a much needed change of pace. Pluto is sitting right on top of his natal Jupiter in the 9th and Mars is moving through his 7th so this makes perfect sense. He wants more action and new kinds of interaction. There is no need for one to remind George to consider the economy before making any leap; its front and centre in his mind all the time anyway.  Keep in touch, George, whatever you decide to do. All the best!

*streamlined for the post.

4 thoughts on “This and That and More on Scorpio Energy

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  3. Are you still on Facebook? It’s hardly on the decline; perhaps in some sectors. It’s full of fluff and riffraff, it’s true – happy/happy/happy selfies/selfies/selfies – but also keeps me in touch with friends from all over. And I do mean Friends. Not just, er, friends I’ve never met.

    I am so glad you hung in there with this blog! Much more to discover, I’m sure 😉 Aloha.

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    • i am not but i continually exhort myself to get back in the ring. i agree, it is very useful. i just find the software so incredibly ‘pushy’, if that makes sense. 🙂
      (i am on linked-in and google plus.)
      it’s so heartening to hear that you are finding this site useful as this is where i focus my online presence consistently. thanks!

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