Full Set of Possibilities

I read a lot of sites: fascinating people and stuff that I would otherwise never come into contact with, knowledge or perspectives that can have such an impact on me. This is the best part of modern technology: interconnectivity.

When I get a personal hit of ‘wow’, my immediate thought is, ‘Who can I share this with? Who can I discuss this with?’ To be fair to my friends, my range of interests is sort of ridiculous. I have my go-to people for a lot of it and that’s ok. Very often, though, I will come across something that just feels like everyone should be thinking and talking about it. That happened today.

I was doing my morning surf and found a link to a site that impressed me on several levels. Now this site is BIG, the author is dynamic with a capital ‘D’; it’s been going for some time now and has a tremendous number of followers but hermit under the rock just found it today – and bookmarked it. An hour later, I was still there, reading yet another entry and the page just lit up with the following:

… finding our true soul mate in a job is not so important. There are many. “People have multiple selves. So changing careers means changing our selves, but this is not a process of swapping one identity for another. Rather, it’s a matter of reconfiguring the full set of possibilities. In any of us there’s a part that’s very pragmatic and there’s a part that’s very creative, and there are times in life when we give more time and space and energy on one side than the other. But if it’s in you, eventually it kind of bubbles up, and it wants some airtime.”

The above quote is credited to Herminia Ibarra; The whole post is great and I highly recommend it to you: http://blog.penelopetrunk.com/2006/07/19/career-change-a-relatively-low-stress-approach/?utm_source=sidebar

Reconfiguring the full set of possibilities. You can do that. Not just in job hunting but as applied to the basics of Knowing Yourself. Get familiar with your configuration.
Did you ever consider that you have multiple selves?

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